Circuit Design:

Hardware Architecture, Schematic Design, Modeling & Capture

Genesys undertakes electronics hardware design at the detailed circuit level, culminating in a professionally-presented set of circuit schematics captured using the latest version of Altium Designer. For the more complex designs, this process is guided by a detailed Hardware Design Manual prepared specifically for your project, which expands upon product requirements and captures the design intent.

Genesys has great breadth and depth of experience in electronics circuit design, which allows us to tackle practically any design task, from simple to extremely complex. We confidently tackle designs ranging from many sectors and domains:

  • consumer products
  • commercial or industrial equipment
  • medical devices
  • safety-critical applications
  • defence and aerospace

We have particular expertise in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and electrical safety compliance.

Circuit schematics incorporate a high level of Design for Manufacturability, including full definition of cost-effective electronic component selections, and full PCB test point provisions.

Where appropriate, we use Spice simulation or other modeling software to comprehensively simulate and qualify designs prior to PCB fabrication.

On completion, circuit schematics are thoroughly reviewed and signed off, ready for PCB layout.

Circuit Design: hardware architecture, schematic design, modelling & capture.

Circuit Design: hardware architecture, schematic design, modeling & capture.

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