Genesys offers a wide range of flexible consulting services with a large depth of experience.

A summary of these services is presented here. For more specific information regarding Genesys Consulting services, please refer to

Development Support Services

All of Genesys' electronic product and software development services are available for on-site or off-site support or integration with our customer's strategies, developments and processes, in a manner that is flexible to our customer's needs.

Independent Circuit Design Reviews

Genesys provides independent and unbiased schematic and PCB design reviews. We comprehensively review circuits down to the pin level, assessing correctness, adherence to requirements and compliance with standards. We provide a full written report of review actions, outcomes and recommendations, and can also confirm that changes are implemented correctly. By engaging Genesys in design reviews our clients are able to reduce the number of board turns, shortening their time to market and reducing development costs.

Certification Management

Genesys can manage the process of certifying your product in accordance with applicable Australian and international standards. This includes:

  • Working with our clients to identify applicable standards and plan the compliance and certification process.
  • Analysing and assessing standards to determine key requirements affecting a product’s design & labeling.
  • Reviewing 3rd party designs to identify compliance issues.
  • Undertaking design remediation activities to correct compliance issues.
  • Preparing information packages for briefing laboratories in support of compliance inspection and testing.
  • Identifying suitable test laboratories and obtaining competitive quotations.
  • Setting up products and systems in support of compliance testing.
  • Managing and assisting with pre-compliance testing, and formal compliance testing.
  • Interpreting and assessing compliance reports.

EMC Consulting

Our solid understanding of RF behaviour means that we know how to develop products that have minimal EMC profiles. Genesys conducts independent reviews of 3rd party designs aimed at identifying EMC issues. We also test, analyse and correct non-compliant 3rd party designs. We own or have access to an extensive range of specialised test equipment and tools required to effectively undertake EMC investigatory and remediation work.

Technology Consulting

Through our development experience we have gained extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and techniques employed in a wide range of industries and applications. Our broad exposure means that we can often provide advice on technologies and techniques that are “outside the square” of your industry space. This can provide you with the edge you need over your competitors. Our highly experienced technology consultants can be engaged to provide ad-hoc advice, or where necessary to prepare formal white papers and reports assessing technologies, implementation options, technical feasibility, technical risks, compliance matters and cost versus performance trade-offs.

Design Remediation

Genesys can be engaged to correct circuit problems. This can include correcting circuit functionality, performance, manufacturability issues, reducing circuit size and cost and/or correcting circuits to meet compliance requirements.