Development Process

Genesys has a refined development project management process that is built upon the following six foundational principles:

  • High levels of organisation, traceability and accountability
  • Clear and comprehensive definition of requirements
  • Careful investigation and resolution of risks
  • Methodical design and simulation
  • Detailed review of all development outcomes
  • Thorough testing

Outcome Focus

Our process is highly effective: efficiently and accurately producing high quality outcomes, and eliminating the 'hit and miss' approach to engineering. As a result we are able to guarantee One Pass to Production™ which results in lower development costs, short lead times to market and much less disappointment.

Process Stages

Our development process consists of five stages, each with clear objectives and defined tasks and deliverables, within which our services are applied as required. Each stage provides an opportunity to review and assess project progress, risks and outcomes prior proceeding with the next development stage. Process stages are detailed in the following sections.

Stage Zero: Project Proposal & Planning

This stage is aimed at determining requirements and preparing a project plan and proposal which defines project objectives, tasks, deliverables, applied resources, timeframes and costs. The services associated with this stage are almost always provided at Genesys' cost.

  • Requirements analysis
  • Technical overview
  • Project planning
  • Proposal preparation
Stage One: Concept & Product Definition

This stage is aimed at determining, defining and documenting product specifications, refining the product concept, reducing risk and answering key technical and commercial questions related to the product's feasibility, form, architecture, function, performance and cost.

  • Concept development
  • Product specification
  • Technical feasibility, standards compliance and risk assessment
  • Product architectural design
  • Costing, power budget, mechanics
  • Component research and preliminary design
Stage Two: Main Development

This stage is aimed at designing and producing functional prototypes in the form of the final product.

A pictorial representation of the staged Genesys development process

A pictorial representation of the staged Genesys development process.
For an enlarged view, click the image, or right-click "save as" here.

Stage Three: Production Engineering

This stage is aimed at verifying and fine-tuning prototypes, obtaining formal approvals and producing additional documentation required for volume manufacture.

  • Production test specification
  • Production test jig design
  • Formal compliance testing
  • Field trials & user acceptance testing
  • Hardware refinement
  • Software refinement
  • Manufacturing documentation
Stage Four: Volume Manufacture

This stage is aimed at supporting the customer during volume manufacture ramp-up, and ongoing production.

  • Component sourcing and kitting
  • Pilot production
  • Mass production
  • Ongoing customer support