Facilities And Tools

Genesys is situated in a well-serviced office complex, located within minutes of the North Ryde technology area and north shore rail link. With a fully equipped electronics development laboratory and high levels of quality and specialist electronic tools, we have the facilities and equipment needed to do the job.

Hardware Development

We own and utilise an extensive range of specialist equipment and tools including high-end spectrum analysers, digital storage oscilloscopes, mixed signal oscilloscopes, network analysers, protocol analysers, medical safety analysers, mains power emulators & analysers, function/signal generators, data acquisition tools, power supplies, microscopes, thermal chamber, soldering and rework tools; including an SMD solder reflow station. All of our workbench areas utilise anti-static safeguards.

We are an Authorised Altium Service Bureau Partner, and use the latest version of Altium Designer for schematic entry, circuit simulation, PCB CAD and PCB 3D modelling. We perform product 3D modelling with SolidWorks in conjunction with Altium Designer, which allows us to design a product assembly that is mechanically and aesthetically visualised and validated before it is prototyped. We are able to work with legacy versions of Altium/Protel, SolidWorks and other CAD packages.

Software Development

Genesys also owns an extensive range of embedded software compilers, PC and mobile device application development tools to suit a wide range of microprocessors, operating systems, and platforms.

Mechanical Development

Genesys has an in-house mechanical and enclosure design capability based around SolidWorks CAD software, complemented by a mechanical workshop with laser cutting, laser engraving and 3D printer-based fabrication capabilities. This allows for the in-house design and fabrication of fast turn-around custom enclosures, mechanical assemblies, test jigs and also labelling and signage.

EMC Testing

Along with our high-end spectrum analysers, we have calibrated EMC measurement antennas and a LISN. This allows us to quickly and cheaply perform indicative-level radiated and conducted EMC measurements in absolute terms, or relative to a formally characterised EMC source.

Digital vision system, biconical EMC antenna, thermal chamber, MSO, spectrum analyser, DSO

Clockwise from top-right: digital vision system, biconical EMC antenna, thermal chamber, MSO, spectrum analyser, DSO. Software pictured: SolidWorks CAD & Altium Designer.