One Pass To Production™ Guaranteed

We guarantee One Pass To Production™ for PCBs designs from initial concept, through to volume production of commercially-ready products, giving shorter time to market, lower overall costs.

Our One Pass to Production™ Guarantee is unique amongst Australian electronics product developers, and can dramatically reduce product development cost whilst maximising quality.

This saves a great deal of time, expense and frustration. We get the PCB design right the first time, and avoid multiple prototyping iterations which other designers consider normal, and even have built into their processes.

Our Guarantee

Where the customer requirements specification does not change following pre-prototype circuit schematic sign-off, Genesys guarantees to produce circuit board layouts which ensure that prototypes are functional and meet their mechanical requirements, with no need for a second prototyping pass.

A small number of cuts-and-straps is allowed, with minor PCB changes being undertaken prior to pilot production. High-risk aspects of the design may be modeled prior to full PCB layout.

How We Do It

The "One Pass Pillars" of our guarantee are conceived in our companies' cultural values, and genuine belief in those values. The pillars are simple to explain and easy to intellectualise, but are challenging to implement. This is the essence of the Genesys difference.

It requires an experienced and disciplined team such as ours to make it work - we are able to meet this challenge, and have done so consistently for the two decades - we invariably produce fully working PCB designs with one prototyping pass.

Our "One Pass Pillars" are:

  • understanding what our customers are asking for
  • expert-level domain knowledge of technologies
  • expert-level technical and standards-compliance knowledge
  • application of highly skilled and experienced personnel
  • use of thorough development processes
  • undertaking rigorous review processes
A fully working design with one prototyping pass

A fully working design with one prototyping pass. In fact, this complex design went into mass production with no changes: PCB revision number "Rev 1".