Our People

Genesys' standards are extremely high, and the quality of our 25+ people is the key to our ongoing success. As such we only employ and retain the most capable and disciplined engineers at any given experience level.

Engineers Australia’s code of conduct, professional ethics standards and professional development requirements are applied to all of Genesys’ activities and staff conduct.

The Genesys management team is the backbone of our Company. Genesys has two directors who oversee the management team and management functions of the company, including financial, accounting, legal, marketing, sales, HR, administration, payroll etc.

Our directors are highly skilled engineers who understand product development. Each client relationship is overseen by a director who monitors projects down to a detailed technical level. In this way the directors are able to “personally” guarantee a quality outcome for each project.

Geoff Sizer - Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

BSc, BE (Hons), FIEAust, CPEng

Genesys founder and CEO Geoff Sizer has a lifelong passion for electronics and technology, and an ongoing commitment to the electronics engineering profession. He has more than 35 years experience in electronic product development ranging from complex systems to simple consumer goods for a diverse range of industries and applications.

Geoff is a Fellow of Engineers Australia, a Chartered Professional Engineer and registered on the National Professional Engineers Register. As a former President of the IREE, Geoff was instrumental in the formation of the ITEE College in Engineers Australia, and remains an active participant on the ITEE College Board.

For more information on Geoff, please refer to the Geoff Sizer page.

Greg Rosser - Director of Engineering

BE (Hons)

Greg has more than 25 years of electronic product development experience particularly in the development of complex telecommunications systems.

Greg has held positions as the leading Hardware Engineer at JNA Telecommunications and other telecommunications companies and was R&D manager for Redfern Broadband Networks.

Greg is an experienced engineering manager with a thorough understanding of engineering and manufacturing processes. Greg has taken a lead role in improving Genesys’ tools and facilities and in improving engineering processes.

Greg has particular experience in the development of high-speed digital systems, FPGAs and has strong competencies in VHDL coding. He manages several client relationships and projects and is involved in detailed engineering and review on complex projects.

Our Staff

We understand that every project has unique resourcing requirements: the right mix of resource types and specialist-skill sets in order to be successful. Our staff include senior engineers with decades of experience through to intermediate level engineers and younger staff.

A cross-section of Genesys staff

A cross-section of Genesys staff. Our typical strength is around 25 people, with a number of contractors and part-time staff.

Our depth of resources means that we can tailor a team to suit your requirements.

We are able to assemble the development team you need, with a broad set of specialist capabilities and experience.

Engineering activities are undertaken exclusively by professional electronics and software engineers, with technical support being provided by junior engineers or closely supervised engineering trainees.

The Genesys team is comprised of:

  • Specialist Analogue and Digital Designers
  • Hardware Engineers
  • RF Design Specialists
  • EMC Design Specialists
  • Software Engineers
  • Embedded Firmware Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Technical Consultants
  • Engineering Trainees