Genesys has a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the development of a wide variety of products. Below is a sampling of the products we have developed.


  • Intelligent Fastening System

Access Technologies

  • Access Control Motherboard
  • Biometric Finger Scanner
  • RFID Access Controller
  • RFID Automotive Keyless Entry

Audio Visual

  • Digital Set Top Box
  • LED Sign TV
  • Ultrasonic Sensing MPEG Media Player


  • Keyless Vehicle Immobiliser and Entry System
  • Truck Regenerative Drive and Braking System
  • Spread Spectrum Vehicle Tracking Transponder
  • Vehicle Identification Tagging System


  • Spinal Sensor Unit
  • Injector System
  • Cervical Cancer Probe
  • Pulse Wave Velocity System


  • Motorised Parking Barrier
  • Rechargeable Cordless Table Lamp
  • Golf Play Timer
  • Louvre Shutter Controller
  • Coin Validator
  • Hospital TV Management Network
  • LP Gas Metering System


  • Parking Meter and Networking System
  • Advertising LED Light Box
  • Sports Electronic Whistle
  • Energy Saving Powerboard
  • Garage Door Controller
  • Treadmill Controller


  • Internet Enabled Environmental Monitoring System
  • Power Metering System with Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 3G Connectivity


  • Industrial Door Controller
  • Intelligent Ozone Generator
  • Automated Irrigation Controller and Fire Protection System
  • Flow Switch Controller
  • Fume Cupboard Controller
  • Cool Room Door Controller
  • Concrete Mixer Controller
  • Machine Alignment Measuring System
  • Flow Switch Detection System


  • Vessel Autopilot


  • Slurry Pump Wear Detection System
  • Ethernet Over Power System
  • Underground Wireless Communications System