Software Development:

Applications, Firmware and VHDL Development

Genesys develops firmware and software for platforms ranging from simple embedded microcontrollers, through to embedded Linux/RTOS systems, Windows PCs and Web enabled platforms.

Genesys has a formally trained and qualified Scrum master and engineers with extensive experience in Agile/Scrum development processes.

Where the team size, type of platform and disciplinary scope of a development allows, we are able to implement Scrum if our customer desires such an approach to feature development.

For small projects or for projects with a limited team, or where requirements & milestones are rigidly defined, we default to a V-model type process.

Test-driven Development

Genesys utilises test-driven development at all levels, for all types of firmware and software development. Our in-house code bases and libraries have been specifically architected to allow unit testing for both on-the-fly testing during development and also regression testing.

OS-based Embedded Software

Today’s sophisticated devices integrate a range of technologies which require sophisticated software support. Genesys has a proven track record in the development of products that target operating systems such as Windows CE, Embedded Linux, VxWorks and ECOS.

We are able to develop complete board support packages (BSP) for specific hardware platforms, device drivers and high level applications.

We own an extensive range of professional embedded compilers and support tools required to support debug and development for these platforms.

Software Development: Test-driven development of applications, firmware and VHDL

Software Development: test-driven development of applications, firmware and VHDL.

Other Genesys Services:

PC Application Software

Genesys has experience in the development of PC applications designed to monitor and control external hardware platforms. Software can be developed for current Windows or Linux operating systems.

Genesys utilises a number of PC programming languages, including:

  • Java
  • C++ (including MFC)

We also have experience in the development of service applications utilising MS-SQL and MySQL database management systems.

We own an extensive range of professional PC based software development tools including architectural design and software configuration management packages.

Mobile Application Software

Genesys has experience in the development of mobile device applications implementing functionality from interface and network connectivity to supervisory control and monitoring.

We can develop applications targeting iOS, Android and also WinCE.