Specialist Capabilities

By necessity, the Genesys team is equipped with a large depth and breadth of specialist skills, and such skills are core to us maintaining a successful business over a 20+ year period. A cross section of these skills are discussed below.


Genesys is a leader in partnering with infrastructure providers companies to provide M2M (Machine-to-Machine) technology solutions to our customers as their applications press toward the "internet of things". Typically any of the technologies on this page can be integrated and made to interoperate, with distributed Internet-enabled monitoring and control.

Embedded Systems

Development of embedded systems and associated hardware, software and interfaces for such systems is very much "bread and butter" work for Genesys. The majority of products we develop include embedded software, running on a platform of complexity that best suits both commercial and engineering requirements.

We are able to tackle a broad range of embedded systems developments, from simple/low-cost, through DSP and embedded Linux, to embedded PCs. For more information on our capability in this regard, please refer to the Technologies and Software Development pages

RF & Wireless Product Design

Genesys offers specialist capabilities in RF circuit design. We can engage in complete front-end radio design at the discrete device level, or apply the latest integrated transceiver and system-on-chip devices to give 3G/4G, WiFi, Zigbee & Bluetooth connectivity and interoperability.

We have designed systems incorporating ultra-low noise transceivers with high sensitivity and ultra-low to medium output power levels for frequencies ranging from VLF to several GHz.

Genesys is experienced in the development of sophisticated RF systems such as those employing direct sequence spread spectrum, FPGA based digital radios, advanced forward error correction, and spatial/frequency diversity.

Genesys can model, design and test antenna systems, optimise antenna radiation patterns and tune antenna matching networks to increase radio performance.

Internet Enabled Product Development

Genesys has specific expertise in the development of sophisticated Internet-enabled products that incorporate Embedded Linux or Android/iOS/Windows CE and that integrate Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 3G communications interfaces.

We have developed custom hardware and software platforms that host secure web pages for configuration and data access, and that provide data and notifications via SNMP, email, SMS and FTP.

We also have developed sophisticated server applications that collect and aggregate data via the internet from remote platforms, store this data in local SQL databases, and provide remote control and data access functionality via HTML web pages.

Mains Control & Power Supply Design

Design for mains control and mains power supply design to meet global standards are highly "routine" for Genesys. We are so thoroughly experienced in this area that we are able to rule it out as a major technical risk very early in a development - we know what is required & what needs to be done.

We frequently see others' deficient designs, often that do not meet standards requirements (either due to ignorance of Australian standards, or the design originating in another jurisdiction), and are able to offer advice on remediation and undertake work to rectify design and implementation issues.

We are able to offer design and review services relating to meeting of incoming standards for standby power consumption; typically this may involve the design of a safety-isolated direct offline switchmode power supply.