Why Genesys

We guarantee One Pass To Production™ from initial concept, through to volume production of commercially-ready products –shorter time to market, lower overall costs.

Genesys has an outstanding reputation for getting designs into production with only one prototype run. Our track record proves it, and we guarantee it with confidence.

The key to our success is our team's relentless pursuit of quality and accuracy; it's central to our culture and goes to the core of what we believe. We do not do multiple prototypes, and we do not tolerate "throw away prototypes".

Where the customer requirements specification does not change following pre-prototype circuit schematic sign-off, Genesys guarantees to produce circuit board layouts which ensure that prototypes are functional and meet their mechanical requirements, with no need for a second prototyping pass.

A small number of cuts-and-straps is allowed, with minor PCB changes being undertaken prior to pilot production. High-risk aspects of the design may be modeled prior to full PCB layout.

Integrity and Professionalism

At the core of our company is a fundamental belief in the value of professionalism, honesty, transparency and fairness. We have a 25-year track record of professionalism, integrity and honesty, and many happy and loyal customers. This means that we always treat your IP in the way that you would expect, work conscientiously and bill accurately, and always look to find solutions that are in your best interest.

We fastidiously avoid conflicts of interest, and always transfer full ownership of your designs to you in accordance with our contract.

Our capabilities are constantly evolving to capitalise on the latest technology and provide our customers with innovative, cost effective state-of-the-art solutions.

Commercially Focused

Genesys specialises in the development of commercially ready products. From the outset your products are designed for cost-effective volume manufacture, rapid time-to-market and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Depth and Breadth of Experience

Genesys has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the development of a diverse range of products and systems. Whatever your application requirements or industry sector/domain, we understand the technologies you will need to arrive at the optimum solution.

We are able to pick up new application domain knowledge to an expert level extremely quickly, and our broad technology capabilities make us an indispensible development partner.

The Right People and Resources

Genesys' engineering standards are extremely high, and the quality of our people are the key to our ongoing success. As such we only employ the most capable engineers and disciplined people at any given experience level.

Genesys has an extensive development team consisting of professional electronics and software engineers, including hardware designers, embedded programmers, PC programmers, VHDL programmers, RF design specialists, EMC specialists, EMC specialists, IP experts and project managers. All engineering team members are tertiary qualified professionals.

The team includes senior engineers with decades of experience, intermediate level engineers and younger staff, as well as work-experience placement students who provide technical support. This allows us to tailor a team for your development that has the right mix of skills, experience and cost effective resources.